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Jennifer Wolffis, Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, MSPT

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my Esoteric Healing session take place? If seen in person in Jen's office or Beacom Chiropractic, your session will take place in a warm, comfortable, quiet room. Soft music will be played to help you relax. For remote/distance sessions, choose to rest somewhere comfy in your home.

What will I do during the session?  During an in-person healing session, you'll choose to either recline in the recliner or lie on the massage table. You'll remain fully clothed and you'll be bundled up in comfy blankets if you'd like. You'll close your eyes and will be offered an eye bag to block any light if you'd like. Soft music will be played.  Most clients report feeling very relaxed and peaceful. 

What if I can't come to your office?  Esoteric Healing can be performed from a distance.  A healing practitioner can actually connect to a client's energy whether they are present or across the country.  The energy is the same and the effectiveness of the session is the same.  We would talk by phone, facetime or Zoom before and during the session. You would then get comfy at home, either reclined or lying on the couch or bed and Jen would do your Esoteric Healing session. No need to drive anywhere. You can be anywhere in the world and still receive a session. How wonderful is that?!

How should I prepare for a remote session?  You may choose to do a remote session over Zoom, facetime or phone. If by phone or facetime, you can choose to remain on speaker throughout the session or we can chat before, hand up, and I'll call you after the session. During the session, you can recline or lie down so you are relaxed. Play some soft music if you like and have a comfy blanket if it's chilly. I'd recommend a washcloth or eye bag over your eyes to block the light and help you relax. During the session place your computer or phone (on speaker) next to you. 

How do you treat kids using Esoteric Healing?  Jen will meet first with the parent/guardian and the child.  We can also talk in advance, without the child present, if desired.  We will discuss the child's history and any specific areas that you would like us to address during the session.  Our session can be done in person or remotely. This just really depends on the child and their age. Some kids like to be seen in person. Some like to lie on the treatment table while others sit in the recliner. Some like to just rest, while others prefer to watch a movie. Or, you can play quietly with your child during the session.  Since you know your child best, please bring some quiet activities with you.  You may watch a movie, play board games, color or do easy homework. Please bring headphones if watching a movie. I'd prefer no electronics, but it that works best to relax and occupy your child, it's completely fine. After the session, we will discuss our findings.

How many visits does a client need?  Occasionally much relief is obtained after one visit, but frequently, more visits are required.  These emotional and mental blocks don't happen overnight, so they also don't typically resolve in one session. At least a few sessions are recommended. Many people will choose the package of 4 sessions.  We'll often start weekly or every other week and gradually spread the sessions out.  Most of my clients then choose to continue on a monthly basis and just keep purchasing packages.

Are there any medical conditions that would make Esoteric Healing inadvisable? No, all conditions can be treated. But, there are some conditions that I need to do certain modifications, such as with Cancer. That's why it's imperative that, before you begin your session, you complete the health questionnaire. It is very important that you inform the me of any health problems or medications you are taking. At any recurrent visits, it is important to notify me of any new medical problems or change in status.

Does the client need faith?  No.  Esoteric healing can help even the most skeptical, non-spiritual person.

Is there a fee for Esoteric Healing? The healing energy is free :) but a fee is charged to cover the time involved for the Esoteric Healing practitioner and the costs of operating a business.

How will I feel after the session?
Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience immediate relief of pain.  More often, balancing the energy sets the body up to heal itself.

Where does the healing energy come from? This is a common question and concern that people have. The energy does not come from me. Through a beautiful process of Alignment and Attunement with Source and your Soul light, I act as a conduit for spiritual energy, kind of like a hose. When we hold a hose to water our flowers, we don't personally provide the water. We simply direct the flow of water coming through the hose. Esoteric Healing works the same. The spiritual energy flows through me and I simply direct the Source energy in order to achieve balance. 

Do you believe in God? Most wonder and search my site for this answer. I'll just answer it straight out. Yes, I believe in God! I am respectful of all belief systems, so I simply use the name Source. I, personally, have a very strong belief in God and am active in a local church with my family in Grand Haven, MI. I was raised in the church, in the Lutheran Religion and now attend a more non-denominational church. When I work with clients, the energy that flows through me comes from Source, not from me. For me, Source is God. You may have a different name for Source. That's completely fine. You may not believe in Source or call it Universal Energy, and that's fine. Our specific religions make no difference in the effectiveness of this work and I'm respectful of all beliefs. I'd say that I am definitely more spiritual in nature and enjoy learning the best of all religions, with less connection to religious doctrine of any specific religion. Though I do attend a Christian church and have raised my kids in the church. I very much enjoy the church community, the inspiring music, the people, the service aspects and being challenged by teachings.

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