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Jennifer Wolffis, Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, MSPT

Classes - anxiety, balance chakras, meditation, group healing

Event Schedule:

SHIFT ANXIETY - Find Inner Peace and Balance In this 90minute Zoom session you'll learn and practice 4 self help energy practices to lessen anxiety and feel more calm. You'll also receive a group Esoteric Healing session focused on your anxiety areas. This session is only $30 and includes exercise handouts. I have received excellent feedback from those who have attended this class. Handouts and Zoom link will be e-mailed to you prior to the class. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP (you will designate date in sign-up form)

More class dates to be scheduled soon. Call/text me if you're interested and you can help me set a date.


LEARN TO BALANCE CHAKRAS CLASS: Learn about your energy body and how to use basic concepts from Esoteric Healing to balance your chakras.

In this introductory Esoteric Healing class over Zoom, you will learn the basics about your energy body and chakras. We will practice sensing energy, and learn how to sense and balance 5 chakras on the body, and then learn some grounding techniques to finish the session. After the class, you will be able to practice a basic balancing of the chakras on your own body, your family and friends and your pets. Class will last 2-3 hours, depending on the flow of the class and practice time. This mini class is a great way to dip your toe into Esoteric Healing and see how you like it. Fee $75. Wanting more than the basics? Consider taking a Part 1 Esoteric Healing Course in the Fall. To Register, follow this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf_BYcEV3sj9G6WS-gFlRI85SZK_h09TMLEPgtLovHfXL0YMA/viewform?usp=sf_link

More class dates to be scheduled soon. Call/text me if you're interested and you can help me set a date.



Meditation and Free Group Healing (Intro to Esoteric Healing 15min prior to the session)  Join me over Zoom for a free 30min brief meditation followed by a group Esoteric Healing session. Healing will focus on an energy balance of your Centers/chakras, core organs and body systems including your anxiety areas. Curious what Esoteric Healing is? Join me 15min prior to the session to learn the basics about your energy body and Esoteric Healing. (already familiar, jump on the call at 12 or 7 for the meditation and healing). Please make sure your first and last name appear on your Zoom picture (needed for the group healing connection). Please have video on. RSVP not necessary, but appreciated (616) 566-5236

More class dates to be scheduled soon. Call/text me if you're interested and you can help me set a date.


The following classes are available to schedule with your friends and family. Call me to set up a class with your friends/family. (616) 566-5236. If you are interested in training to do Esoteric Healing, please see the section titled "Learn to do Esoteric Healing" for my current course schedule

  • Circle of Healing, Meditation and Enlightenment - 4 part series. Goal is to help you develop a habitual spiritual practice including meditation and self-healing which can lead to improved health and a new appreciation for life and your surroundings. Learn multiple self-balancing techniques, meditation while also learning about your energy body. Receive a group Esoteric Healing session from Jen each session. Minimum of 3 people. Can be condensed to as many sessions as you'd prefer to schedule and teachings will be flexed based on interest and experience.  
  • You are More than Your Physical Body/ An intro to your Energy Body: Learn the basics about your energy body, chakras, soul and Higher Centers, Rays, Soul advancement, energy healing. Learn basic relaxation, meditation and self-healing techniques. Receive a balance of your energy centers by Jen. Gather friends for 1 or 2 evenings of casual discussion about your Energy body.
  • Chakra Healing: An exploration of your 7 chakras - 5 class series (or we can modify however you choose). We will explore the psychology of the chakra system, looking into balanced characteristics, deficiencies, excesses, physical manifestations, associated organs/systems, healing practices and affirmations for each chakra. We meditate on each chakra and you'll each receive an Esoteric Healing session at every class focused on the areas energized by each chakra.
  • The 7 Rays of Energy: An explanation of your unique Ray Profile: Every person was created with a unique combination of the 7 Rays of Energy. In this gathering, you will receive and explore your very own Personal Ray Profile, which will provide a greater understanding, love and respect for yourself and your interactions with loved ones. This is very fun to do with various family members. 

Call me for more information (616) 566-5236. We can design the perfect gathering for you and your friends. 

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